Meet the Active Consumer



Meet the active consumer, the 35 million most desirable people that advertisers covet. Outcast is poised to reach these affluent andwell-educated influencers on its Fuel network. Since they’re always on the move, Outcast targets these highly desirable consumers at the rare pause in their day: filling up at the gas station on the nation’s best digital network at the pump.

When they’re not on the road, active consumers are influencing their friends’ and colleagues’ purchasing decisions on autos, technology, lifestyle products, financial services, food and beverage, and more. On average, the active consumer spends $644-per-month on credit cards—10% more than heavy primetime TV viewers who spend just $587 a month.

You know you want them, but here’s why you need to capture this elusive audience at the pump—on average, they watch less TV than other Americans, with twenty percent of them never watching primetime TV at all. That makes Outcast’s television-quality, targeted one-to-one content and ads the best way to connect with actives. If you want to keep up with this fast crowd, you need to be faster. Let Outcast help you keep pace.